Sunday, 30 May 2010


When you don't have a time to show how good person you are,to show that you can care about someone more than you,that you are trustfull and helpfull-life brakes in million pieces of glases.
You open your eyes and you see the person is changed,actually hes not changed he was like that all the time,but he was pretending to be good, so he could wear you like socks and trough away after you start to "smell".One person makes you feel like you are tiny little piece of shit in then world and the you start to think- maybe.Talking behind back is not invention,it's just lame.
Change life.

forget you. I did. Forgotten...not existing.

Monday, 17 May 2010


Šodien bija forši! biju vēdē dārza ballē,paēdu+alko,izdauzījos ar bērniem,veseliem četriem maziem mīlīšiem un secināju ka jā,gribās ātrāk bērnu,lai būtu ar ko ņemties,dauzīties un priecāties,lai dzīve gaišāka- vai arī ļoti noilgojos pēc dauzīšanās ar bērniem.

fun day!