Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Italy Italy - Bondžorno

Roma,Roma,Roma! Eh, that was hell of a trip.Went to see my friends from Latvia and show them Italy.
5 days in Rome and i miss my home.
People there are not very nice and be carefull of cars,they dont use brakes.

A lots of walking and drinking "water"

now im back home,working in my hotel and enjoying summer
had to sleep in airport for the first time cause flight was late night.a lot of  "water" and we made it. next stop hotel.
that was the best place to see.like in a movies. very beautiful
my favourite place - Travi fontain

a bit tired of walking to the Vatikan by foot 4 hours.
sleeping again
next to house castle
my new car
in the end! Lets all rase a glass and enjoy a life!!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

When in Rome

Ciao! Im in Rome.
Everything is so old here and beautifull.
Staying for 4 days and then back home.

First time stayed in Airport per night,dranked 2l of wodka and had fun :)