Thursday, 30 December 2010


Copenhagen is very expensive place.I always compare with our country and prices.
They have interesting thing with transport-they have 7 zones(metro,tram,bus),you buy a ticket 10rides-325kr-every zone has different colours well in first you don't understand nothing,but then you get used to it.
Transport is nice and clean,with garbage bags in them.
In copenhagen people are quiet.Don't talk much.
They don't like curtains,so it's easy to see what are they doing,it's not disturbing them,that you see they're private place.
They are very beautiful and stylish people,in stores i saw a lot of good looking guys and girls,i just couldn't stop starring at them,fell in love i immediately.
Every night we are drinking,cause alcohol is very cheap and on sale! ;)
If i could choose i actually would love to stay here for couple of months,life here is different in non hurry way,it seems that it stops here for a bit and time doesn't run.

NIMB-Once upon a time Nimb was the jewel in the crown amongst Tivoli's restaurants. Following a major refurbishment it re-opened in the shape of a Gastronomic palace of unprecedented dimensions on 1 May 2008. For the first time in history there is a hotel within the heart of Tivoli gardens.
No expense has been spared in transforming Nimb into a luxury hotel offering casual dining, gourmet restaurant, bar, vinoteque, dairy, meeting rooms and conference & banqueting facilities.
The famous period Moorish style facade at Nimb with it's towers and minarets has been brought back to it's former glory. The process requiring specialist crafts and skills was carried out by experts from Italy. Changes to the building facing Bernstorffsgade are particularly noticeable with the facade being opened up in such a way that passers by will be able to visibly follow the production of the house brands throughout the year.

Tivoli Gardens (or simply Tivoli) is a famous amusement park and pleasure garden in CopenhagenDenmark

Seen in movies and now i've tried it myself!


kaf'e-such a lovely baristas work here and good looking people,so you wanna come back just for them and next thing is coffee,you can come back for that too ;)
a lot of people here drink coffee and they like to make it at home,they buy special coffee maker and cream maker.

tastefull things

Chinese food is very delicious here,i found a lot of places where you can have them.

in copenhagen people ride bikes a lot and the best part is that you can find bikes on street ,people dont strap them,they just leave on the street,its easy to steal,but noone is doing that.

main street

unstrapped bikes

something for me-for ta2 :)

the bar inside is lovely and outside a bit of graffity style from people

Got to taste Starbucks coffee! num num

Post next to house

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